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Meet Amy

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Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Amy Kemp

Amy has been married to Ryan for 16 years.  They live in Bourbonnais, Illinois with their 14 year old daughter, Avery, her sons, Anthony, who is 11, and Andrew who is 6.  She started working her Mary Kay business in November of 2001, in the fall after getting married and finishing her master’s degree in English literature. 

 She debuted as a Sales Director in June of 2003 and left her teaching position in May of 2004.  Working as a full-time director and full-time mom, she and her unit have been in twelve unit clubs—the $300,000 unit club (as a unit, they sold in excess of $300,000 of retail products in 2005) once, the $500,000 unit club three times, six years in the $650,000 unit club, once in the $700,000 unit club and in 2013, Amy and her unit did over $1,000,000 in retail sales and were ranked the #5 unit in the entire nation.  Seven leaders from Amy’s future area have promoted themselves and debuted as Amy’s offspring sales directors.  Amy has driven a free Mary Kay car for 15 years and is currently driving her seventh coveted pink Cadillac! 

 Her mom, Jeanie Martin, started her Mary Kay business in August of 1988, when Amy was in sixth grade.  Amy and her sister laughed at her mom who told them her goal was to earn enough money to pay for the family to take a trip to Rome, Italy to visit her brother (who was working there for IBM).  One year later, no one was laughing when they all boarded a plane and traveled to Italy, Germany andAustria for two weeks! 

 One of Amy’s favorite Mary Kay moments was at her debut as a sales director.  Her mom had just earned her first top director trip, which happened to be to Rome, Italy.  Amy said, “Mom, I am so glad that some of the work I did this year can send you back to Rome and   repay you for the work you did 14 years ago to take us there with your business.” 

 Amy’s mission in life is to teach other women how to live richer, more abundant lives.  No other​ career could give her such a platform for fulfilling this purpose.